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Family History is full of brickwalls, some can be as simple as not knowing someones name where as others, such as running out of records to search, is a little hard to overcome.

However all of these can be overcome...

Don't forget the other people on your tree

If you are following your grand fathers line and you are looking for his birth Certificate , but can't find, see if he had and other brothers or sisters. If yes then try looking for their birth certificate, at least this will give you their Mother and Fathers name to compare with.

Read ALL the information on Certificates

Certificates hold more information than you think. E.g. look at a marriage certificate, read the witnessess you never know who might have been a witness to wedding and that person may lead you another step foward.

No more records to look at! ..... wrong!

Genealogy is not confined to Birth, Marriage and Death Cerificates. Below is a list of alternative records that might hold that vital peice of information

  • Military records (link)

  • School Records

  • Tithe records (Link)

  • Migration records

  • Hospital records

  • Electoral Rolls

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